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Gustav Klimt loved women, but he loved them dangerous. His life was filled with gorgeous women, one of whom was his long time lover, Emilie Floge.

The story goes that at any time he would have as many as 4 models in his studio, indulging in the most sensual behaviour, while he drew and drew (apart from the fact that he had 14 children, all of them iligitimate).

This painting, “Judith and Holofernes” shows the ultimate femme fatale, one who would not just break your heart, but who would have your head!

What it is that attracts men to such danger is a mystery, but then men have always loved courting danger. And perhaps it is the idea of the hunt, of taming the tigress… always to have her in all her beauty, but never to take her for granted.

You can see my own version of this theme at http://artistvision.org/rynoswartpages/gallery.html



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