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Beauty and danger

Pick a rose with your bare hands. I challenge you.

Beauty is dangerous.

If you should meet a tiger, you will be terrified. The ocean, the Alps, thunderstorms, are fearsome and majestic. This is beauty.

Klimt. Judith

This kind of dangerous beauty has always inspired great art. The great masters of figurative painting understand and celebrate the danger of the female sex. They will eat you alive (and some species do). And the greater the beauty, the greater the danger. That Sharapova girl, she is nothing short of a tigress, pure killer instinct, and any man who approaches her needs genuine courage.

This is the courage of Gustav Klimt, of Ferdnand Rops, of Toulouse Lautrec.

By turning its back on truth and and on beauty, art has destroyed itself.

Academics espouse an aesthetic of ugliness. Modern society is swayed only by scandal, guided by publicity and notoriety. And artists? Artists have become shallow panderers to financial success.

Too many artists are derivative. Those who are not copying photographs, are copying other artists, ploughing with the other man’s heifer. Stealing somebody else’s approach, technique and subject matter is the shortcut to avoid the struggle and the dangers of exploring life and finding fresh beauty.

You want to live the life of art? Grasp the rose.


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