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It was really cold on the vaporetto going home. Dreamers

I must have been tired. Leaning against the railing, I regarded a young woman in a grey cloche cap. Nothing remarkable, she was standing on the other side of the cabin; a lovely sense of peace, her eyes shaded by the rim of her cap. Regarded.. observed, contemplated, rather.

She was saying something, and then repeated it; and suddenly, belatedly, I awoke from my deep reverie. I was contemplating her as a painting, and she was talking to me, soundlessly… what are you doing?

The Victorian artist Albert Moore painted exactly this experience. In his picture, Dreamers, he shows not 3 girls, but one girl, observed, as he leads us in the contemplation of her restfulness.

This is the normal mode of regard in the studio, removed but connected, and most likely what happened in his case is that he had been painting his model for several minutes, when suddenly he became aware that her eyes were on him… very disconcerting. This, I believe, was the inspiration for this lovely picture.

I shook my head, and waved my hand over my eyes. Sorry, I was in a complete dreamstate… Thankfully she wasn’t offended, and I resisted the urge to explain that I was an artist, lost in contemplation.


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