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Today, on Christmas Day, I went for a walk and, once again, I saw an old friend. High on a thorn bush, but at eye level, singing her little lungs out, was pretty grey heuningbekkie.



The hummingbird is the animal representative of the bringer of sweetness, as is the artist. It is our role to find the sweetness in nature, often among the thorns, and to harvest it for its joy, releasing it as song or as a painting.

In American Indian Culture it is known as a totem animal. Your totem animal is you. It cannot be lucky to meet it; nor unlucky. It is simply a pointer from nature; this is who you are, these are your strengths, this is your nature.

It was around three years ago that the hummingbird entered my life, in the strangest way. I was feeling very cynical about Christmas, and the way we celebrate. Then a few days before Christmas, we found a hummingbird perched on our Christmas tree, in the position of the angel. Twice she came to me, first on a Christmas tree, and again on Christmas day. How unsubtle do I have to be, she says, before you get my message? I did not mention this in my blog at the time, for brevity, but I was worried about how she would get out of the house without flying into the glass of the windows. I needn’t have worried. She flew up to the glass, hovered a few centimeter or two in front of it, and navigated sideways until she found the open window.

This is the way the book, Medicine cards, refers to the hummingbird:

“If Hummingbird is your personal medicine, you love life and its joys. Your presence brings joy to others… You know instinctively where beauty resides and, near or far, you journey to your ideal… Hummingbird will no doubt give you a flash of spirit, darting here, there, and everywhere… Beauty is the target, and Hummingbird’s mission is to spread joy or to be destroyed.”

To read again, “You know instinctively where beauty resides and, near or far, you journey to your ideal… “, four days before setting out for Venice on a pilgrimage of beauty, this is very strange. Nice, yes, but rather awesome.


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