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Corot. A meadow with two large trees

Next time you go to the Louvre, look out for the Corots. There is a series of rooms, all dedicated to this great artist. During his lifetime, however, he struggled to get accepted into the Paris Salon.

Corot was a firm friend and willing teacher of the young artists, not only from Paris, but from all over the world who flocked to the Barbizon forest to immerse themselves in the love of nature and the art of the landscape. The story is told of how he would put his signature on the landscape of his young friends so that they could sell it to the galleries that represented his work.

“If I couldn’t paint anymore,” he said, “Do my little branches in the sky, with enough space to let the sparrows go through, it seems to me that, very quickly, I would drop dead.”

An amateur requested that Corot put trees with light foliage in a painting for him; he was crazy about that, and Corot promised to please him:

“Don’t worry, I work for little birds.”


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